After the sudden passing of my brother-in-law, I asked Lucia if she could help me out. She recommended a rose reading. This was absolutely incredible! It helped me and my extended family tremendously dealing with the grief. It was far beyond whatever I could have imagined regarding personal information, and detail of his spirit moving on. Extremely comforting. Thank you so much! Highly recommended.

~ L. A.

  Lucia offers:  
  • Healing Touch
  • Aura Readings
  • Rose Readings
  • Past-life Readings
  • Land and Home Cleansings
  • Mediumship
  • Aura Cleansings



  • I am registered for the third year studying with the Advanced Psychic Mastery Program. I have competed my apprenticeship program to Mari Abraham, a trained Sangoma, and am an advanced apprentice now.
  • I will be travelling to South Africa in the fall on a spiritual trip with my teachers from Intuitive Mind. I continue to be deeply grateful to my teachers for all that they offer.

Love's rule is one,
Humans' rules are many.
Delusion and pain are a tangle of rules
While peace has no limitation.

~ Haven Trefino