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crown chakra cleansing
Crown Chakra Cleansing Offer
crown chakra healing

Are you feeling  some fear, despair and in a spiritual crisis? The crown chakra, located at the top of the head,  is our connector to the divine and our spiritual nature; who we came to be. Its colours are traditionally white and violet and its mantra is silence and Om.


When our seventh chakra is aligned, we can  feel clearer, more peaceful and  open to the Divine Wisdom.  For a limited time , I am offering a discounted price of $55 for a half hour rose reading of  the crown chakra. I would intend  to  clear any outdated belief systems, old programming, past lives or  foreign energy that may be prohibiting your alignment with the Divine. I would also pick a rune or Oracle card and sing a short, guided chant for your Highest Good.

May all that is unlived in  you blossom. John O’Donohue

I just finished listening to the reading. I found it illuminating and helpful. Thank you so much, Lucia!!! T.M.K.