Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

Head Channel Cleanse
This is a powerful clairvoyant reading designed to cleanse and brighten the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras for additional clarity , perspective and divine wisdom.
head channel clean out

This reading is designed to strengthen  the communication with the God of your Heart- the  divine connection to All That Is, by focussing on the seventh , sixth and fifth chakras.  The cleansing and brightening of the pineal ( regulating sleep and hormones, as well as a bridge to Higher Wisdom)  pituitary ( the master gland) , inner voice, high heart ( connection to your path and purpose),  and vision screens represents only part of this beautiful session.

Just like mopping , dusting and polishing  a room in your dwelling,  chakras can greatly benefit from a thorough cleaning. Bits of debris, old messages, other peoples’ energy can all affect our ability to see , know  and intuit our path and purpose during this time of great change. Like binoculars, our inner vision can have cloudy lenses. The song  ” I can see clearly now”, embodies this session, as it brightens and lightens our inner vision.

head channel clean out
spirit wants us to remove our blinders

I absolutely adore this picture- it captures the essence of a Head Channel Cleanse. Spirit wants us to have clear access to our Divine Messages! This allows us to shine and express our True Selves on a daily basis. 

Having a Head Channel Clean Out helps align us with who we truly are. The cost is $125 for an hour.

Thank you , Lucia, for the Head Channel Clean Out. You had so much detailed and interesting information for me as well as the brilliant energy cleansing. D. H.

Your reading was very powerful, healing and reaching. I feel comfortable and safe in the process of integrating it. Thank you , Lucia. R.T.