Lucia Brodie

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healing touch session
Healing Touch Distance Session

Lucia is a skilled and intuitive healer. Her long distance Healing Touch session was relaxing, restorative and inspiring. For a calming and grounding session, consider a session with the wise Lucia.

Sharon F.

I just had a remote Healing Touch session with Lucia and there is only one word- POWERFUL, yet gentle. I feel so much more focussed and resolute in my healing journey.

Deb V.

I had a long distance Healing Touch session with Lucia and it was an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it felt as if we were together in the same room. Her peaceful nature and her expertise came through and I felt so relaxed and balanced afterwards. I have had the pleasure of in person sessions and although the long distance was different, its benefits were the same. Thank you, Lucia!


hair ball

A distance Healing Touch session is powerful and sacred. All you do is set up a time with me and in the comfort of your own home you rest quietly. I prepare my meditation room with prayer and peaceful healing intentions beforehand and then call in your energy. I record the session or  do a zoom.  I have my table set up and I call your essence into the room. Your spirit is safe, loved and protected as it  receives a Healing Touch session. Afterwards  we can debrief about anything that came up for you. 

I have included a beautiful video of the benefits of Healing Touch.

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