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healing touch session
Healing Touch Special

Healing Touch reconnects you with your spirit in a safe and sacred environment.

healing touch offer for september

Deep Peace is the intention of a Healing Touch session! The first time I attended a Healing Touch workshop I was amazed at the beautiful energy in the room.  There is a silence and space – allowing you to sink deeply into your Sacred Self, feeling the love and support of the guides and ancestors. Your body relaxes as the auric field and chakras are cleansed and aligned for your Highest Good. By booking more than once, the body is   allowed additional  time and space to heal.  If  this sounds appealing, book three sessions by September 30 and fifty  dollars will be deducted only $310.

View all through the clear lense of compassion….Haven Trevino

Seek your inner light, and trust it to guide you home. Haven Trevino