Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

promotional peace package
Promotional Deep Peace Package
This package for inner deep peace allows you to pick and choose while receiving a discount of 10%.
promotional package

If you are intending to have more clarity, alignment and  deep peace in your life , this is an excellent opportunity. Spiritual perspective and support are so helpful during these times of disruption, fear and  doubt.  Purchase any three readings and healing sessions by the end of December and receive 10% off.

In the picture on the left is my Celtic drum and my cloth from  Botswana, South Africa. The drum represents walking to the beat of your own drum, stepping forward on your path with courage and trust.  The cloth represents “Pula ” or ‘abundance’  of help and love  from the guides, angels  and ancestors. Deep Peace to you. 

confidence means “a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. “

Receiving a reading from Lucia is like being touched by an angel. The Universal Wisdom that flows through Lucia is undeniable. F. B.