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relationship healing opportunity
Relationship Healing Opportunity

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of December and beyond  can also be a season for stillness and reflection. I included the picture of Mary who is full of compassion .A clairvoyant  relationship reading can  help clarify and shift old patterns that no longer serve, helping you to have compassion for yourself and others.  This can leave you feeling lighter and more at home with your Beloved Self.

relationship reading


Before we were born, we made contracts and agreements with the people in our lives, agreeing to learn  certain life lessons.   A clairvoyant reading can address these contracts and highlight the lessons with a particular person, with the intention of  releasing any outdated beliefs or stuck energy . The intention is to have clarity,  confidence and compassion in all  your  relationships.  A person who can get ‘under your skin’ is  then be seen from a spiritual perspective, allowing you to flourish on your path with clear boundaries and direction. A contract reading is approximately 30 minutes and $60.

This picture is a reminder that we are surrounded by LIGHT as we travel on our journey. Deep Peace to you. 

I encourage anyone old or new to energetic healing work to book an appointment with Lucia. The benefits are uplifting and can be life changing. D. H. 

Attention illuminates understanding, understanding manifests forgiveness, forgiveness is the fountainhead of Love. 

Haven Trevino.