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sixth chakra opening
Sixth Chakra Alignment Healing

Aligning and cleansing our sixth chakra is a prerequisite to crystal clear clarity and vision. 

sixth chakra outline

Just like brushing our teeth and regular bathing, our aura benefits from continual care and attention. When I first was awakening to my intuition, I thought that my third eye was like a light switch. Years later, I realize how little I knew!!! Stagnant energy, other peoples’ energy, old belief systems, past lives are just a few of the examples of what can block the sixth chakra from the messages of Spirit.

I am offering a half hour psychic clairvoyant reading ( cost is  $55) of the sixth chakra, to balance, clear and align for your Highest Good. This will open up the space for more authenticity , and allow  CLEARER VISION  of your path and purpose.


I accept an expanded view of myself. I accept an expanded view of SERVICE. Julia Cameron

God fits the back to the burden. Scottish Proverb.