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Lucia Brodie

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2024 expect to expand and explore
2024 Expect To Expand
2024 - We can make a leap into the unknown, expanding into the best possible and impossible versions of ourselves!

The year of 2024 is going to be a year of building community with ‘prayaction. ‘ Spirit is saying we are all building  adobe mud walls with our ancestors’ support and prayers.  It is important that we build with clear, divine,  uplifting expectations.

Our  loving compassionate hearts will continue to expand, along with our deep clarity and wisdom. We can  sit in the silence and  see ourselves and  others in illuminating light.  As Jean Luc Picard says on one of his missions, ‘We are all doing the best we can.”

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In 2024 we can intend to create with painstaking care and attention what is most important to us. Spirit is encouraging us to design our lives with loving focus, not rushing!  By celebrating our virtues and differences, we can intend to make changes for our Highest Good.

This year we can intend dramatic and hope- filled changes. ‘May it be so.’

The journey we begin as we answer the call is long, and filled with all that we have been and all that we will become. Cairistiona Worthington. The Celtic Spirit.

Power of sea be yours, power of land be yours, power of heaven. West Highland blessing. The Celtic Spirit