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A is for ….
A is for alignment, April and amazing
april alignment

 A is for April and aligning with  our amazing Higher Selves.   Attention can be focussed on what really matters. During this time, we can  align with our purpose,  as we ask for help from  our guides and  ancestors.  These sentiments are echoed in the following lines:

‘To model the personal Grace, Power and Authority that comes from living in alignment with your spirit…”  Sonia Choquestte, Your Soul’s Purpose.

P  is for preparing for  each day with patience and purpose . Patience and trust in  divine timing.  Thoughts of gratitude and intention are extremely helpful as we prepare .

One of my favorite runes, pictured here with the crystals, is that of Protection:

‘The Warrior’s protection is like the curved  horns of the elk, or warning rustle of the sage grass, for both serve to keep open space around you….it is important not to collapse yourself into your emotions. ..You will progress. ” (The Book of Runes)


R is for Remembering who you really are.  A couple of years ago, before I received a bones reading from the Ancestors with Sangoma Nancy Rebecca ( (, I was walking around and asking for a message. I heard, ” Do you know who you really are?” A reminder that we are much more than the eye can see!!!!


april remember you are not aloane
april rune of warrior


Rushing and acting needy are not helpful during this time. Things are happening at the pace they are supposed to. Relax, breathe deeply and practice self care!!!   You are surrounded by realms of helpers. I have included the picture of the person pushing against a rock, because with support we can move mountains: we are hugely strong and radiant! 

april feeding and alignment

I is for nurturing clarity, confidence and compassion in your daily interactions .

L is for  shining your light and lightening you up so that you do not become mired in seriousness, self -judgent , despair and despondancy.

April is a time of awakening. We can see the dedication and purpose of the mother ( and father) robins as they feed their young. Spirit can nurture us and help us progress and grow into our true selves, aligned and shining. Thank you, Spirit. Thank you, Spring.



Ancient power spots, and sacred sites…are gateways. The real openings lie in our hearts, minds and lives.  Jo May