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big bold and beautiful
Becoming Big, Bold and Beautiful
For years I have been releasing doubt and fear ....
release the fear and get on with it

I feel a surge of excitement as I write this post. Enough already!!! Spirit is saying that we are ALL  WANTED now more than ever. It is imperative that we  bring our blooming strength and light to the world. We are  intending to  offer our gifts in an uncompromising manner. The REWARD is that we become more in alignment with our Higher Selves and Purpose.

Can you picture your BEAUTIFUL SELF here?



I heard the song  “Hold Your Head Up “ and it speaks to keeping our dignity and self respect . The song may be dated, but the message is timeless. We must stay grounded and clear, not cowering but powering .


We can appreciate our lives and  choose to release consternation . The dictionary defines consternation as” feelings of anxiety or dismay.” Does this sound familiar?

We can  instead remember our  divine cosmic connection to the  constellations – “a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern … modern astronomers divide the sky into eighty eight constellations”. Wow!

Our smallness is an illusion– remember to be BIG BOLD, and  BEAUTIFUL-continually choose to connect to the DIVINE .

Spirit wants us to reflect on our place in the universe. To not sell ourselves short and remember  that we are beautifully and  divinely connected .

Let go your desire to heal: Watch God emerge. Haven Trevino

Everything is written inside: You are the book. Haven Trevino