Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

spirit wants us to remove our blinders
Buttercups and Moose
Spirit wants us to SHINE our amazing lights!!!
an opportunity to grow

I did a reading for the summer months. Spirit is urging us to REMOVE our limiting blinders- to CLEAN our hearts! This will allow us to grow amazingly  in truth -seeing the tremendous LIGHT that surrounds us.

The buttercups represent the amazing light of the spirit. There is a ton of interesting symbology around buttercups:

Buttercup Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Like buttercups, we can reflect our light all around us during this fertile time.


beautiful buttercups filled with light
moose wants us to strengthen our boundaries, self esteem and honour our gifts

From the Animal Medicine book, the moose’s message for this fertile time is to honour our gifts:

Help me to honor the gifts I can give,

And recognize my worthiness as long as I live.





Take time for stillness , sitting in the golden sun as it reflects your BEAUTY and WORTH . Release old messages of hurt, resentment, blame and distrust. Be your TRUE SELF.

Lucia’s exceptional clairvoyant reading for me came at a time when I was stressed and broken. Her insight blew me away! I felt such an incredible sense of calm and peace afterwards. I. Y. 

May all I say and all I think be in harmony with thee, 

God within me, God beyond me, maker of the trees. Chinook Psalter