Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

distortion of our truth
Calmly Withstanding Disruption
Spirit asks us to see through the distortion and disruption of our lives
withstand the tests of time

Spirit is asking us to withstand or act with courage during these times of uncertainty. We are all capable of doing this. We are being asked to stand with others in the community -offering assistance and compassion.

Like a snake that sheds its skin, we are being asked to let go of old beliefs and frameworks that no longer serve our authenticity. We are casting out fears, doubts and self -sabotage.

shedding old beliefs old ways of being
stockpiling strength and gratitude

As we  practice self care, we can release remorse and stockpile gratitude! Being outside, being alone, just being- all this helps us remember who we truly are. 

We are all much stronger than we think. Create space and time in your life to remember your whole, holy self. 

After my reading with you, Lucia, I feel much more settled . With appreciation! Y.T.

May you know in your soul there is no need to be afraid. John O’Donohue