Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

light and love
Choosing Calm amidst Calamity

Spirit is asking us to balance our authentic selves amidst the calamitous times.

amidst calamity

Calamitous means events that are “disastrous or catastrophic”. More than anything, we need to TRUST our INNER CALM . Spirit wants us to BE STILL  amidst the calamity. While practising self care , we can  release messages of fear and doubt that threaten to immobilize us! We can DECLARE ourselves to be who we truly are, in alignment with the Creator. We can tune out the voices of despair and self -sabotage because we know we are loved and guided every hour of the day. 


Our session was so helpful. I am connecting more with my Higher Self. Slowing down and savouring is such a good  message for me. Thank you, Lucia. B. M.

Lucia has done many sessions for me; each deeply inspiring and profoundly healing. Thank you, Lucia. D. V.