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Lucia Brodie

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clear seeing
Clear seeing of our Path and Purpose
During these turbulent times , it is always great to receive clear guidance for our path
direction and purpose

When we did an exchange in  New Zealand in the year 2000, I clearly remember seeing signposts explaining how far away various places in the world were. It opened my homesick  heart!! We yearn for the familiar.

Spending time alone and in quiet meditation helps calm and ground me and it is then I can ask HOW AM I DOING ? AM I ON TRACK ? WHAT IS BLOCKING ME FROM MY PATH?

This person waiting at the train station seems to know where he is going. He also seems to be alone. However , assurance and clear direction can be had if I tune in and ask my Higher Self for help. On a regular basis!!! I can  get caught up in the mental  claptrap of analysis paralysis. On this earthly journey, we are NEVER alone. Spirit wants to guide us for our hightest good.

purpose and path
path and purpose

I bet this mountain goat is not questioning her/his/their purpose. However, clear seeing, trusting and careful focus are helping her survive. Having a perspective on how far we have come and trusting guidance is crucial.

Tuning into our sixth chakra of clear seeing  helps us tremendously as we ride this train of lfe and climb our way to a spiritual perspective. 

Thank you Spirit. 

I have a fear of heights and the mountain goat is reminding me that one step at a time will serve me well in this life time.Blessings on your journey. 

The sunbeams stream forward, dawn boys, with shimmering shoes of yellow. Mescalero Apache Song

Your rose readings are very helpful in providing clarity, perspective and  direction. Thank you, Lucia. A. M.