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lessons learned at spirit fairs
Lessons Learned at Spirit Fairs
Fairs are an amazing place to come together and learn

I have been attending fairs for at least ten years. They are a wonderful venue for asking, listening and hearing about Spirit. People can ignore me, or ask questions about what I offer, or want to talk about their life story so they can better understand their path and purpose. 

The first fair I ever participated in  , my friend and I were inundated with people asking for a reading!!! At the end, I had an awful headache. I learned that setting the intention for a clear schedule to include breaks and to drink lots of water was vital. 

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And at each of the ensuing fairs, Spirit taught me big lessons. That I was not entitled to a certain number of readings, that just talking to people about what I did  was equally important. That competition and comparison blocked me from my Higher Self. Over and over these lessons were given, so that I could learn them.

At the last fair I attended, I had only two clients over five hours. The message from spirit at the last reading was huge and clear. I have nothing to prove- keep focussed on doing the work. That is ALL THAT MATTERS. 

Wow! That reading was wonderful!! I listened to it twice this morning and now a third time to make notes. D.G. 

Gentleness in our practice and in our life helps to awaken the genuine heart of bodichitti. Pema Chodren