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Deep Gratitude for House Alignment Testimonial

A person’s house and property should feel safe and peaceful..

karen house testimonial

For this healing, I came to the property and first walked all around . I searched inside, checking all the rooms  for areas that were out of alignment, possibly with neighbours’ energy,  energy from former owners, or past life energy that was stuck.

Asking for permission from the ancestors of the land , I did a seven layer aura reading to help harmonize and heal the property and house .

Afterwards, I talked to the owner and then wrote up my observations, along with some suggestions for maintenance of a high, clear, bright vibration for the house and land. 

Here is part of her  testimonial:

As a result of your readings, I am definitely feeling more comfortable in my home- at peace and in greater harmony. I so appreciate the recording you sent  as I have listened to it several times, learning something new each time.

Thank you again for sharing your amazing, unique and powerful gifts, Lucia.

K. B.


Peace is your greatest soul lesson and assures the highest level of creativity. Sonia Choquette

Today I live in the quiet joyous expectation of good. Ernest Holmes