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shining our Gifted Selves

Over the years, I have learned the best way to understand how Spirit works is to give  healing sessions. In this way, my heart is opened. I have had to release expectations and SURRENDER  so that I can be the best version of myself . In this video of my healing room, I was intending to show the sacred process  of the upcoming clairvoyant reading. The image of the rose represents the ancient sacred technique of rose readings, which I use in my full readings. I am deeply grateful for all the lessons I have learned and will continue to learn with as much grace and gratitude as I am able.

rose reading
Be willing to trust and soar high on the mountain. Haven Trevino.The Tao of Healing.

Your healing lifted a dense energy out of my auric field. I felt the difference by the evening . I am so grateful, Lucia! J. R.