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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

march peace of mind
Do the thing you think you cannot do !!!
The early bird catches the worm ...
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Eleanor Roosevelt said, ” Do the thing you think you can not do.” So being inspired by this, I did a series of FB live meditations and  put together all of Spirit’s messages. The rune that I used for this challenging time was that of MOVEMENT. 

“As I cultivate my own nature, all else follows.” ( Book of Runes , #17 .)

  Spirit showed me  wriggling worms  in my hand. Perfect!  Spirit wants us to nourish and feed ourselves, as well as our relationship with others, including Mother Earth. . The clock pictured ( an antique for sure )  is an exact replica of a Christmas present from Santa when I was small. I still remember my huge excitement at receiving it. Woudn’t it be great to feel this excitement as we move into the season of change and growth?

During the FB live meditations ,there were at least four themes that came up every week to help us sustain our fertile  growth.

SELF -CARE: It is vital that we remember to rest when we need to so that we can progress with strength and stamina. Life is not just about work work and work some more. It is also vital that we get outside and  move around , preferably in nature. This helps to settle the mind; which tends to run away with unhelpful thoughts.

From  the Animal Medicine book:

“Elk teaches that pacing yourself will increase your stamina. …you may not be the first to arrive, but you will arrive without getting burnt out. “

SING: Like the industrious robin, Spirit wants us to clearly sing our own unique note and focus on nourishing ourselves, forgetting about how we look or how we compare. Maybe you like to chant or drum or dance … anything that expresses your TRUE SELF.

I have included a picture of my Celtic drum. I have not been formally trained, but it gives me great pleasure to play it, humming or singing and dancing. My spirit really appreciates this LETTING GO !!!


march stamina
march sing
march light

SHINE: Spirit wants to remind us that we were all born into the light. By maintaining clear boundaries, and knowing how worthy we are , we are ‘ flying our flags’ so that all can see us. I saw people sewing a flag of  UNITY  and COMPASSION . None are excluded!!! Together our compassion is as big as the world !!!!  Spirit wants us to remember how we each make a difference by shining our light , releasing the lie  that we are small and insignificant. 

SEND: We can pause in our daily lives and send out loving and grateful thoughts, to the God of our Hearts and our Ancestors.  We can be STILL, having clear intentions for a  balanced SELF. We can SHARE our goodness and grace. Spirit wants us to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE!!!  

Do the thing you think you can not do. Eleanor Roosevelt

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