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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

love of god
Does anyone know where the love of God is ?
we can be drowning in hopelessness and fear in the sea of life
obstacles to love of God

This powerful and poignant  song by Gordon Lightfoot   is  stuck in my head. The line ‘Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?” has always deeply  moved me . I can only imagine the terror of being lost at sea.. 

Once when I was doing a reading for someone, they really wanted a message from their relatives on the other side. The image that came up was a life jacket being thown out to the survivors of a sinking ship. The comforting  message was that we have eternal lives; our lives are saved. 

Despite the comforting message , waves of  sadness and grief  come up , for all the ‘lost souls’ in the ocean, and in the world. The vastness of the ocean illustrates how insignificant and powerless we may feel in the midst of chaos, war, and pain.

waves of sadness
shining our lights

More than anything, Spirit wants to remind us we are not alone.  Daily mediation and prayer can help lighten our load and give us a clearer perspective and direction.  Are we anchoring ourselves? Do we have a   safe harbour? Are we shining our light?  

One morning as I was waking up I heard the word ‘seaworthy’. Spirit wants us to stay afloat with all the attributes of a seaworthy vessel. Spirit wants to remind us of our vast  worthiness.

We can  say prayers for those souls lost at sea, in concentration camps, in war, in residential schools, on the streets, in poverty, remembering them with compassion, and  love. As healers, we can  stand in the light, aligned with our path and purpose .

And recognize the utter holiness of each breath, of all things. This is the challenge of love. Haven Trevino

I am patient. I am able to live with ambiguity…my heart is wise. Heart Steps by Julia Cameron