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seven steps to clarity
Embodying CLARITY for 2021
Seven steps to embody CLARITY for 2021..
safe harbour

1) The first step involves feeling safe and grounded.  Meditation practice provides a  healthy place, a safe harbour to ground and cleanse my aura all the way aroud.

2) As I meditate, I am tuning into guidance. Guidance reminds me to clear perfectionism, and have perspective . Along with meditation, self care is hugely important!!!

Going for walks alone by the stream , talking to friends, watching something funny on tv, drinking oatmilk lattes, helping my body to integrate clarity and guidance.

3)  When embodying clarity, I remember to lighten up!!! I am here to fulfill my purpose, and it may no be completed in this life time or the next. There is no need to rushno acting needy. The Rune of defense or Patience  mentions this:

‘Set your house in order, tend to business and wait on the will of Heaven.”

4) As I meditate, practice self care, and lighten up, I treat myself with compassion allowing my inner voice be heard . I  clear my field  of anything that is blocking my clarity- old beliefs , old stuck emotions. I clear a stuck picture of being in a classroom with bored and uninterested students!!!

lighten up
I put this heart- rending song by Simon and Garfunkel because it embodies the courage, despite the shame and anger of a lonely person. We are all boxers searching for clarity and meaning in our lives.
embodying clarity

5)  Sometimes I have dreams that are other worldly, and I can intend to ask for clear seeing in my dreams. I can record the dreams and ask for clarification when I go into meditation.


6)  Ideally, all of these steps are to be followed every day. It all boils down to balance and consistancy. I included the wonderful picture of the cosmic being to remind myself we are all like this.. beautiful and so much more than what is seen with the naked eye.


7) Embodying clarity is in my sixth chakra; clear opinions about my path and purpose.  Otherwise, why am I  here? Thank you, Spirit.

Steady yourself and see

That it is your own thinking

That darkens your world.

Johne O’Donohue



After my long distance Healing Touch session, I felt a sense of peace that I can’t explain. Thank you, Lucia.   N.L.