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Embodying CONFIDENCE in 2021
My intention was for clear messages from Spirit to strengthen and balance my confidence at all layers and through all dimensions!!
embodiment of confidence

 Spirit showed what symbolizes my block to  Divine Confidence. The image was a barbed wire fence, separating, judging and causing pain. Old thought patterns that are no longer helpful.

The challenge is to release these old patterns of thinking, to break free. I saw the image of a futuristic space pod that defied the laws of space and time. From a Sci Fi series, ” You’re not going to believe this, Captain!!! ” ( Star Trek Enterprise)  The message is IT IS  TIME to BREAK FREE of old dimensions of fear, doubt and self diminshment. Time to have perspective on our BEAUTIFUL SELVES. 

embodying confidence
embodying confidence

I love this song by The Beatles!!! In this time of great change, we are being called to NOT hide our love but to show it in everything we do, with CONFIDENCE!!

The action to embody confidence is to be open to change, keep clear of doubts, to know that “Nothing external matters except as it shows you its inner reflection… nothing less than the renewal of your SPIRIT is at stake. ” ( Rune of Initiation ). Clear old feminine patterns of sticky sweetness, and old patterns of male blustering and posture. The picture on the left is a phoenix, being reborn, full of fiery transformation.

Overall, I must take heart, embrace change, and relinquish control. I must have a willingness to embrace my potential for DIVINE CONFIDENCE. Thank you, Spirit.