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Lucia Brodie

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February Focus – Where is Waldo?
Dawn to Dusk - How do we Bring our Healing Light to February?
finding waldo february focus

Sometimes we may feel hidden and unsure of our place and purpose. Like being stuck in a Where is Waldo book.  Spirit wants us to get our exact location and intentions in February. No more  hiding in a crowd and believing ourselves to be insignificant and invisible;  to stop  being complacent with our anonymity. To be seen  and found as a healer  from  dawn til dusk .

What programs from the past are we broadcasting? Messages of  doom and gloom ? We are being asked to update our communication and  broadcast integrity and fairmindedness . The outdated  screen is from the fifties, ‘ a ‘Television Broadcasting Ritual ‘.   What unifying  and sacred  messages  can we  now broadcast as we talk to others?

february nothing is black and white anymore
focusing for february

Once we intend to be seen  and are broadcasting our   authenticity, spirit wants us to to be relentless, focussing from dawn til dusk on  shining our radiance. What  is light and true for each of us ?

The  best defense for  February , according to the Viking Runes, is to ‘ set your house in order, , keep things simple, and wait on the will of Heaven.’ In other words, trust and be patient. Know what brings you out of alignment. Thank you, Runes. Thank you , Spirit.
In the dawning of this day, let us know fresh shinings in our soul. C.T.

Something has lifted off me and I feel calmer and lighter after the reading from Lucia . P.E.