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september five fantastic steps
Five Fantastic Steps Towards Healing and Peace

More than anything, my life has to have meaning and purpose. These five steps are  helping me find healing and peace. I hope they resonate deeply with you as well.  

september Kuan Yin compassion
five steps
five fantastic steps clear out the old messages
september five steps

Step one:

Take yourself seriously, but not too seriously!  Practice deep gratitude to the Divine and the ancestors. Stay focused on your intentions . I have included the picture of the Goddess Quan Yin, who hears our prayers and guides  us to have  endless compassion for ourselves and others.

Step two:

Claim your inheritance of sacred trust. You were born  for a reason, or several,  and are deeply loved. There is no limit to the  compassion that surrounds you. Jaguar reminds us to “approach life with compassion, love and integrity. ” ( Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.)

Step three:

Clear out on a regular  basis any ‘indoctrinations’ of smallmindedness, despair, disappointment and untruths. The indoctrinations can drag you down and confuse your path.

Step four :

Keep things simple: slow down, expecting the unexpected and being open to messages from your High Heart. Your aura holds the truth of who you are. Are you listening?

Step five:

Ground and practice self care , allowing for times of solitude , silence and devotion. Do you have time to brush your hair and teeth every day? Ask  your body what else it needs. Perhaps it needs a relaxing massage, yoga , or a walk in theforest. Maybe your spirit would love a clairvoyant  reading !  Whatever comes up, the intention is to align, and restore your balance. You are worth it!!!!

Many blessings on your path towards healing and peace.

Eagle medicine is the ability to live in the realm of the spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth.  Animal Medicine Cards

I can’t say enough good things about  your reading! Deep peace and gratitude to you, Lucia.  D. V.