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Lucia Brodie

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Five Reasons Clairvoyant Readings are Amazing


1. I love the way Spirit shows ILLUMINATING  information, highlighting what is helpful or hindering the client. For example, a PAST LIFE  may come up to be healed, or someone else’s energy may be blocking the person from being their true self.

2. I love connecting deeply in  a heart to heart way for the reading. I am not a judge or a counselor. My intention is to see clearly and validate the spirit’s story, by staying present, neutral and loving.

3. I love that psychic readings show me where I am BLOCKED. If I am having trouble getting information, it usually means it is something in myself that needs healing. For example, maybe I am feeling some judgment.

4. I love that readings keep me on my toes. I must never assume the reading will be this or that; Spirit may throw some SURPRISES at me !!! I need to remain open and curious and neutral.

5. I love that readings and healing sessions give me so much DEEP PEACE . As I am an older person, giving psychic readings gives me purposte and FULLFILLMENT . People have pain buried inside and if I can be of service to help shift this pain , then that is deeply gratifying.