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From terror to tenderness…how I prepare for a psychic reading
I used to have sleepless nights before my readings and now I sleep like a baby...

Before a reading I used to  lie awake and worry about how it would go. What if the client did not show up; what if they said it made no sense; what if I could not get clear information? What if it was not a perfect reading ? I  even used to take mild sleeping pills just so I could get some sleep. That has all changed now. 

A teacher said to me, ” Lucia, it is just like teaching in the classrom, you prepare as much as you can and then you let go.” As I used to be a teacher, this made perfect sense. I  needed to PREPARE  more and then let go and  TRUST . It didn’t happen overnight, but I started preparing in different ways and that has made all the difference .

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To prepare:

I tune in and do a short meditation to clear anything blocking the reading. I may do a follow up meditation the day before.

I use my pendulum to scan the client or the house and property’s auric field. I usually ask for a  clarifying symbol.

I prepare the room with drumming, prayers and singing , intending for the highest good of the client. I pray to the ancestors of the land, my ancestors, the angels, archangels and the Divine Wisdom.

All of this preparation is imperative so that I can be rested for the reading and be a clear channel of Deep Peace. I am grateful to have trust and tenderness  instead of terror.