Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

full reading
Full Reading Package

A full reading’s intention is to offer an abundance of  spiritual perspective, helping remove blocks to your authenticity.

Like cleaning a  house, regular maintenance of your aura can bring illluminating peace to your path and purpose. 

full reading package
full reading abundance


If you love your first full reading, three others can be purchased for the differance of $400, saving you $95.

An installment plan is available.

Thank you so much . You are very good at what you do…your presence and ability to speak in a gentle way is perfect for me . .I feel free from a great deal of the grief I had been experiencing lately. R.T. 

After my full reading, I feel lighter and clearer all over. I have a sense of peace and trust that is unusual for me. Thank you so much, Lucia. M.H.