Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

Full Reading Abundance

A full reading’s intention is to offer an abundance of  spiritual perspective, helping remove blocks to your authenticity.

Like cleaning a  house, regular maintenance of your aura can bring illluminating peace to your path and purpose. 

four readings package
full reading abundance

Sometimes we feel tossed about  in life. Receiving a full reading is an opportunity to  bring you great peace and joy, helping you to remember you are NEVER alone on your journey.

For a limited time, when  four readings are booked over the course of a year, the cost will be $550 or a savings of $50. An installment plan is available.

You who are the source of all power, Whose rays illuminate the earth, Illuminate also my heart So that it too can do your work. Book of Runes #21 Wholeness Gayatri Prayer

I just finished listening to your long distance reading. I found it very illuminating and helpful! I feel such a sense of calm. Thank you, Lucia. T.M.K.