Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

full reading
Full Reading

This reading session is a wonderful opportunity to illuminate your path and purpose with loving messages from your spirit. 

after my aura reading with Lucia
shedding skin of old beliefs




Are you looking to feel more supported with an illuminating perspective? This 60-75 minute clairvoyant reading can help clarify and validate your present journey,  allowing you to step more fully into your authentic self.  It can harmonize and strengthen your path and purpose.

A full reading consists of:

a rose reading : a mini reading to set things up for the rest of the session

one or more  past life readings : exploring  lessons from your past lives that are coming up to be healed, so your spirit is more at home in your beautiful body

an aura reading: looking at all seven layers , validating your soul’s journey in areas of survival , feelings, sensuality , creativity, love, boundaries, self -esteem,  communication and spirituality-shifting energy that is no longer serving you .

The picture on the left shows a snake shedding its skin- we are all shedding our outdated beliefs to make room for expansion. gratitude and joy. 

The recent testimonial is very deeply appreciated:

“I always leave my sessions with Lucia , not only deeply relaxed, but also with a sense that ‘all is right’ between my inner and outer being, for that is how Lucia works. Her sessions address the total person. Her gift is that she truly grasps what holistic means.” P. Z.


I have included the glorious picture of the rose to remind you of your beautiful, blooming spirit.  Like the rose, we all need light and fertile soil to grow and blossom .






Having a reading with Lucia is like visiting with an old friend. The information given was right on target and what I needed to help move me through a difficult time. I felt grounded and able to reach for the light. B. S. 

Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. I haven’t felt so good in months! Energetically I feel renewed , mentally clearer, lighter, and more centred. It was a wonderful experience. C. J.