Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

Groom and Bloom for the New Year
During the winter season remember to practice self care , silence and self respect
amaryllis bloom

Spirit wants us to GROOM and BLOOM during the dark days of winter. The days can be long and difficult with unforeseen events . We can get off balance really quickly if we don’t practice self care.

I love this picture of the amaryllis because it reminds me that as we face the light, just allowing, we bloom . 

When meditating with my ancestors, I was told to watch my words. Are they helpful or demeaning?  Am I overreacting and getting sucked into the daily drama? Am I taking things personally? When swimming in emotion, I find silent meditation gives me much- needed  wisdom; spiritual perspective. I feel so much lighter afterwards.

I have included my video because Spirit asks us to remove the DIS from discouragement as it is DIS respectful. We are all learning to strengthen our courage and strength .

silence groom and bloom
cleaning up the trash
blooming flower

Self respect is one of the cornerstones of self care. It allows us to grow. First we  commit to cleaning up the internal garbage that threatens our health. Who do you want to listen to ? Your Higher Self speaks your truth. NO ONE else can do this.

We are all flowers needing respect , tenderness and light.

Each and every day is an opportunity for  us to practice deep self care so that we can shine our light. Remembering to groom so that we can bloom.

Awesome reading! A million thanks for helping clear my headaches. I feel so much better, Lucia. D.B. 

You shall receive whatever gifts you name, as far as wind dries, rain wets, sun revolves; as far as sea encircles and earth extends. Culhwch and Olwen.trans C.M.  The Celtic Spirit.