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Healing Messages for Spring
What does a bird in a cage have to do with our self healing this spring?
having perspective this spring

I asked Spirit for clear messages to help heal us this spring and there was the  tiny yellow  bird in a cage under the earth.Our thoughts can  trap us with messages of darkness and limitation. Like the eagle, Spirit wants us to spread our wings and have a clear and powerful   perspective of our lives. This helps free us  from the daily grind. That is the number one reason that I  meditate!!!!

Spirit said we need to put on our ‘rough and ready to work’  shoes and ignore the ‘Ya but” thoughts. Once I received a psychic reading from Nancy Rebecca ( in which she mentioned the term  ‘gaslighting .” Unlike everyone else on the planet, I had never heard of it. Now I understand it is an underlying, pardon the pun, self- diminishing energy. It needs to be extinguished!!! Clear, confident, compassionate messages from Spirit are what can align and heal  us . Having a friendly and loving relationship with our bodies as we move through each day is essential. I saw the image of Paddington Bear, who believes the best of himself and others on his adventures. He has an open heart. I do not mean gullible , but compassionate.

mid may gas lighting
mid may badger

I included the beautiful video of ‘ El Condor Pasa by Simon and Garfunkel because there is the powerul  sacred condor soaring above. A few years back, my fear prevented me from visiting Machu Pichu but I awoke the morning of the tour and  had a clear vision of it!!! We can visit places with our inner vision and feel restored. 

Badger also came to help  ‘cut away the dead wood and bring us to new levels of expression’ with determination, strength and focus. As the medicine card ( Jamie Sams and David Carsosn) says, ‘Know the inner power that lives in your soul.’ 

This spring, bird , bear and badger are here to assist- healing us  with spiritual perspective , compassion, a sense of  adventure and persistance!!! Thank you, Spirit for these messages.

The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf. Shakti Gawain 

I just finished listening to your long distance reading and I feel such a sense of calm. Thank you, Lucia. T.M. K.