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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

Healing my communication chakra
To bring healing to my fifth, I nourish my communication with my Higher Self and others.
coffee bitterness fifth chakra

By nourishing my communication, I am releasing any BITTERNESS, resentment or disappointment that is coming up on a daily basis.  I can do this with meditation , listening to and paying attention to my Higher Self. I save my bitterness for my morning cup of java.



Nourishment involves also addressing any DISAPPOINTMENT I feel. It could be from my ancestors,  past lives or present day perfectionism . I ask for HELP from Spirit and my Higher Self to release this unhelpful and invalidating emotion.


fifth chakra disappointment
fifth chakra
beautiful blue chakra


The rose reading reminds me of my SACREDNESS  and connection to the Divine Wisdom. The TOURQUISE  is bringing in a flow of nourishing energy to my communication with myself and others. I can count on NOURISHING WISDOM from my Higher Self.

Thank you, Spirit.