Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

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Healing Touch

I have been a Healing Touch Practitioner for over ten years. I will always remember my first workshop- the loving energy in the room was palpable. I was hooked!!!

These confidential sessions involve a heart-centered relationship between the practitioner and the client. Healing Touch is a  relaxing, nurturing energy therapy used to assist in balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your energy field. It can help reduce stress, decrease pain, enhance recovery from surgery, support cancer care and ease acute and chronic conditions. The intention of these sessions is to balance, shift and align the energy. A client can feel lighter, calmer and more at peace.

Every session with Lucia leaves me feeling completely cared for and deeply relaxed. It is such a treat to feel witnessed, validated and responded to with such a balanced, holistic approach. It is with great gratitude that I continue to receive regular treatments from Lucia.

~ Catherine Dextrase, CST

God fits the back to the burden. Scots proverb