Lucia Brodie

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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

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Feeding My Soul
I am a retired special education teacher, mother, grandmother, Healing Touch practitioner, Psychic and seeker.
inner maintenance

I am a retired special education teacher who has been curious about  the metaphysical for most of my life. I have taken numerous courses in meditation and healing over the years and  have found it   feeds my soul !!!

I love also to go for walks, facetime with our daughters and grandchildren , read murder mysteries, bake muffins and hang out with friends and family. I am approaching my  seventieth year and intend more than ever to live my life to the fullest, with love wisdom, forgiveness, joy and purpose.

More and more, I see that having the tools to an  inner compass is so important!!! I  can feel lost and  afraid until I connect with my Higher Self in meditation.  A psychic reading  puts things in PERSPECTIVE  and brings clarity, balance  and TRUTH from Spirit.

informal introduction

I have included a picture of travelling with one of our daughters to beautiful Ireland where some of my father’s ancestors came from . 

The video is a fantastic song that we heard sung by Bedoin Soundclash. One  of my favourites…feeding my soul.

Thank you teachers, ancestors,  Spirit .