Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

peaceful house porch
Julie Samson testimonial for land healing

Lucia has many gifts as a healer and intuitive. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to have a land or house healing for any piece of property that you live on and call home. Lucia is very diligent in answering any questions you may have and her very presence exudes calm and peace. I feel very fortunate to have connected with her and feel great trust in her insights. Thank you Lucia for scheduling your visit so promptly. I really appreciate all that you have done to bring light to my space.


dreamy house cleansing

The land and house you live in can affect how you are feeling.There can be stuck and stagnant energies that need to be released. Cleansing the land and house regularly helps everyone feel more at ease.

For this cleansing I did a distance rose and seven layer aura reading. Then I went to the property, maintaining social distance and walked outside and instide.  The intention was for balance and harmony and deep peace. I am truly grateful to Julie for this opportunity. 

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