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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

giant pink white rose july
July Reading…
The white pink rose of July is about the balance of solitude and openness to new territory....I must diligently guard..
guarding the boundaries

The white  pink rose of July is a balance of SOLITUDE and EXPLORATION of new territory. I must diligently guard ” the threshold” of the two worlds, inner and outer. There is also the sense of the OLD  guard is changing…the heirarchy is shifting in these extraordinary times. In my mind’s eye,  I see the guards at the royal palace;   Are my body and spirit intact? Safe? Whole? Do I feel BALANCED?

Communication in July is about REPAIRING  the rubble from outdated beliefs and old systems that no longer serve. Instead there is an URGENCY  to build community support and love ; spirit showed me a community mural. This is ‘ a TIME of RECKONING.” I see a beautiful mural being created. 

rubble from july reading
community mural for July reading

This community spirit means I am looking again at what is not true for me. What lies make me feel DESPONDANT?  I must move forward in my life; no more sitting on the fence; no more  wishy washiness. 

July is a time of reckoning… balancing time alone and time with community , releasing old layers of despondancy and despair. Moving FORWARD with clarity and DEEP PEACE.