Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

Business and Home Cleansing

Is there a feeling of unease or tightness in your house , property or business? Do things not feel balanced and spacious? The building you live in can hold memories from the past that cause imbalance in the present. These old memories can affect your mood and health. The intent of these sessions is to clear the energy  and allow for harmony and  healing in the environment. I usually spend a minimum of two hours for the session. The first part is usually done from a distance with no specific appointment time needed. I then send the recording. The second part is usually , but not always , done in person. These sessions are always done with a reverant  intention to connect with the ancestors of the land and bring greater clarity and peace to all concerned. 

$250 per cleansing session

Prices may vary and are subject to change without notice.

Thanks Lucia, for the long distance house cleansing. The house feels better and I am more at ease. Plus, I have received tons of work in short order. Seems like my business has improved as well!!! C. L.