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Mistakes made in healing sessions .. the path to imperfection and confidence
When I first started doing readings, I thought I had it all figured out....
mistakes I have made

If I knew then what I know now, it would have probably helped . So what have I learned and how has it helped?

1) PREPARATION is hugely important. I have learned to  largely conquer my fear of doing readings by cleansing, clearing my field, the room, and property beforehand. Spending time doing this!!! Meditating, grounding and opening my heart . Asking for help, praying and sending out gratitude for the assistance I receive.

 2) Along with preparation goes PRACTICE. I have been practicing since 2006. I have practiced on friends and family, at many fairs , and I took a year long course , Psychic Mastery International (www. , where I was skillfully   mentored and supported. Practice builds CONFIDENCE. 


3) Along with preparation and  practice, a huge shift has been letting go of PERFECTIONISM , trusting that I am being divinely guided, one day at a time. Letting go of expectations is very freeing!! Being perfect means I can make no mistakes, and that is a pretty rigid boundary to have constructed.

4)  I have learned to have clear boundaries.  Clients sometimes push the boundaries, wanting me to do longer sessions, or not showing up, or not paying. Having clear BOUNDARIES around my practice hours and costs is tremendously helpful and empowering.

I am not at WAR with myself nearly as much these days. I have learned to use  mistakes I have made over the years as learning tools. With these tools I am a better practitioner. I am more at PEACE with myself. Thank you, Spirit.