Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

two for one
Mothering Your Beautiful Self

As the light returns we can open up our Selves to receive with Grace…

Healing Touch

I remember one of my first experiences with Healing Touch. I was at a workshop. No one was speaking and yet there was an infusion of peace and grace throughout the room. A Healing Touch session is “like a spiritual sauna”,  to quote one of my clients. This hour long nourishing session is offered in a sacred space. The only thing better than a Healing Touch session is two sessions! For a limited time, you can book one session  and the second is free. The cost is $120 so you save $120!!!  For your beautiful self or for a friend. This is a way to honour Who You Really Are.

Bless the wisdom of the holy one above us. Bless the truth of the holy one beneath us. Bless the love of the holy one within us. Chinook Psalter

One who flits about seeking peace Forgets to look in her own tree. Haven Trevino.