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november rune
November… Expect the Unexpected
Novembers rune is about "receiving signals, messages, gifts and new encounters. Take care to be especially aware with chance encounters, particularly with persons wiser than yourself........ Expect the Unexpected. "
fox raiding november clear boundaries

November is a month to have deep , very deep GROUNDING , during this time of unexpected events.  When I was standing outside our house, I heard the word “INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH  .”  Exercising , drumming , laughing, meditating , looking after your beloved self are ways to ground. It is also a month to have clear strong BOUNDARIES. In meditation, I  asked Spirit for a grounding image; it was a fox raiding a chicken coop, feathers flying everywhere! This can be remedied with knowing your boundaries and strengthening them at all layers. Clear OWNERSHIP  of who you are on a day to day basis.

Along with deep grounding and clear boundaries ,  connection to my  Higher Self  and the Cosmos was symbolized by golden healing  flecks falling from the sky. The golden flecks were like panning for gold, a  process of finding TRUE WORTH , and TRUE SIZE . Two stories came into my meditation to illustrate this.

” Alice in Wonderland” struggles to be her true size, to make her way home, despite trickery and deception.   In another favorite childhood book, ‘The Secret Garden’, the garden is revitalized when old grief and outdated beliefs are cleaned away so that life can begin. A lonely boy has his health restored…

true size november
the secret garden
finding my voice november

Along with grounding, clear boundaries, and cleaning away of lies and deception, I wanted to know what my INTENTION and PURPOSE for November should be. Another movie came up; ‘The Little Mermaid”. She had her   powerful voice taken from her because she was tricked into making a contract . This contract was  released , through her diligence and love. She found her TRUE VOICE and like it says in the story, she found a ‘whole new world. “

I am releasing  my contract as well. I have a new contract. It is the ROAR of a lioness!! Like the messenger rune, this is a call to make new connections with my voice and healing… ‘ a call to new life. “

Thank you, Ancestors and Spirit, for this ‘call to a new life ” of strength, fearlessness, and the joy of the Unexpected!!!!