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Open for Service… Seven Tips from SPIRIT
inner maintenance
open for service

 June is a big month!!! When I go into meditation and ask,  Spirit gives seven GEMS of information for my health and HEALING. 

1 Be OPEN FOR SERVICE. Release judgment, neediness and expectations. 

2 Do INNER MAINTENANCE. Like the inner workings of a clock, keep my sacred   body spirit communication in good working order. 

3 Take OWNERSHIP of  EMOTIONS. Who or what old emotions are hiding away? Ancestral patterns of doubt and fear  can be released . They are no longer helpful!! 

4 CHECK IN  with my body. What does it need? What does it have time for ? What does it not have time for? Ask the four directions in prayer and drumming and meditation. This will ground me and help keep me in the present.  

5 Don’t BLOW THINGS OUT OF PROPORTION. See through things to what TRULY  matters. SEE the HOLINESS. 

6 Remind myself of my connection to the earth,  TENDERNESS and MERCY. 

7 What is it I want to HARVEST this month? BITTERNESS is good in coffee but not in my heart. Harvest being OPEN FOR SERVICE. thank you ancestors and CREATOR!!!


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