Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

telling the truth
Opening my heart
opening my heart
 heart chakra

When I die, I want it said I was an open hearted person. I ask spirit to help me balance my fourth chakra of affinity and love.

Spirit wants me to release LIES. Who and what really matters? Where am lying to myself? How can I help others if I am not truthful to myself?

The images in my reading were connected to unity, peace, and expansion, and the lesson was to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN. What is my heart saying? If I am not peaceful, how can I help others have deep peace???


Another image in my meditation was the  UNITY  and STRENGTH of  the Maori dancers of New Zealand. We had the privilege of staying there  for a year in 2000. I like this video because it has a BALANCE of female and male dancers.

Thank you, Spirit.

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