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there is no time like the present
Past Life Reading Special

There is no time like the present…

time clock past life

Like the retro clock on the left, our lives just keep ticking along. Spirit wants us to release old beliefs that are holding us hostage from our true shining selves. For the month of April,  I am  offering a past life reading and healing at a reduced rate of $100, a discount of $20.  The  reading takes about an hour and includes a preliminary look at your present  auric field followed by two or three past lives that reflect what challenges you are now facing . I ask Spirit why these particular lives are coming up , offering a healing to release the energy from the past lives. The intention is to bring you more fully into the present, allowing more space for peace and clarity.

Lucia did a fantastic past life reading for me, illuminating how I am increasing my trust and  self love- showing my true face to others. D. V.

Your body tells you whether you are living from your soul or the labyrinths of your negativity. John O’ Donohue