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Psychic reading for May

 The reading is a spiritual compass for May. I put  the energy of the month into a rose and ask my Higher Self for information.

The colour yellow in the rose is helping to bring in STRENGTH  to my boundaries, self esteem and spiritual light. 

The hip, or communication , is reminding me to stay POISED and BALANCED. This means being still and calm  within and yet ready to take action . The stem also speaks of releasing old patterns of blaming and judging  others.How can I communicate with compassion and calm?       

In the roots, spirit shows me walking forward steadily  nurturing myself , and not worrying what might be happening on the outside.Instead, asking myself am I grounded? Am I present? 

The sun, or God of my heart, above the rose, tells me to ‘keep to my aspirations”,  my intentions.

 I pull a Vision Quest card and it is the Two of Fire, emphasizing CONFIDENCE, clear connection to my heart’s desires. 

I ask spirit for a word to describe the month of May and it is JOY. A time of celebration!!! 







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