Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

Reflecting Our Beauty
amazing grace and beauty

July can be a month of glorious sunshine, beauty and healing. We are being asked to let go of all the EXCUSES and practice  collectively clearing our old patterns of blame, small mindedness and bitterness.  We are so WORTHY!! As we stay grounded each day, meditating, being outside and practicing self -care,  this helps us CLEAR – we are all PREGNANT with the best versions of ourselves!!! I included this picture of the flowers- an unexpected gift from some one.. let us all look for UNEXPECTED gifts in each day . Thank you, Spirit.

Like water, truth embraces Both stone and starlight. Haven Trevino

Creator does not ask us to kill because of religion. She asks us to live in the cause of spirit. Loving kindness. Kindle it today. Love your neighbours as yourselves. Darkness cannot abide the light. Richard Wagamese. What Comes From Spirit.