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Illuminating Deep Peace

rose reading
Rose Reading – An Ancient Technique to Read the Energy

A rose reading is an ancient technique that  uses the container of an imaginary rose to ‘read‘ the energy of a person, place, or situation. Your divine  spirit gives this information; I am the channel.

rose reading

A rose reading illuminates the energy of any person , place or thing with the intention of balancing , harmonizing and healing. I ask to see a rose representing the relationship that you have with yourself, your work, or your family, for example. Spirit can show where it is stuck, or out of balance, ungrounded;  where it needs nurturing .

A rose reading can also ask about the guidance you are receiving- who are the guides who are currently assisting you? How are they helping you and what messages do they have for you.


rose reading

Learning how to live deeply in each moment of our daily life is our true practice. Thich Nhat Hanh

The three teachers who impart wisdom: suffering, thought and a truthful heart. Welsh triad. ( translation Caitlin Matthews.)