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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

service what matters
Service … What Really Matters?
To be in service.. what does that mean ? What really matters?
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When I am in service, offering healing sessions, releasing judgement, expectations and neediness for outside validation is extremely helpful. I serve best when I am neutral. 

To be neutral and NONJUDGEMENTAL, it helps to continually maintain my energy field. This is so I can be a clear channel of information. There is no getting around the time for daily meditation. Hello Higher Self!  I can release any lingering  DOUBT and FEAR. I can see if I am blowing certain situations OUT OF PROPORTION. And looking after my body goes hand in hand with fruitful MEDITATION time.


blowing things out of proportion service and meditation
being in service

By being neutral, clear, balanced and loving, I can be deeply grounded to Mother Earth and ask for help from the Ancient Ones.  I am GRATEFUL  to serve!

When I am in service, what matters is I am feeling deep peace. Thank you, Spirit.