Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

So Far Yet so Close
surprise connection

It was a national holiday and the streets were filled with traffic. I asked to take this man’s picture because of the child was in the front of the bike. He said yes and then I took the picture. Afterwards , when I put on my glasses and saw his big smile and her wave, it made my day!!! We are truly all connected even though we may live thousands of miles away . So far yet so near.  The video of the fjord in Norway also stopped me in my tracks in a different way. Such incredible beauty , majesty and stillness will stay in my heart  forever. So far yet so near.

Lucia , your reading was filled with clarity and grace. You are a master of unravelling hidden blocks and moving healing light through them. Thank you, Lucia!!  J. R. 

There is no competition for your path. No one can do exactly what you can do in the way you do it. The Magik of Flowers.