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Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

spirit's messages for November
Sandblasting our Hearts for Clarity and Compassion
Spirit wants us to energetically sandblast our hearts this month...
nourishing november
Step one: Above all, pardon the pun, ask for a spiritual perspective of our lives; the lessons and opportunities of November. Spirit showed me the migration on the  Sarengeti Plains- all animals  moving towards nourishment amidst untold and multiple hardships.
Step two: Practice silence and stillness to  clearly  hear the  nourishing messages of Wisdom . By practicing stillness, we are nourishing  our inner light. We can work with others in our communities to bring a ‘candleabra ‘ of healing and  illumination.
practicing stillness
look for the holy
fierce self care
Step three: Trust in the Divine. Look for signs of Holiness in our chaotic world. Spirit showed me the image of the rose in the snow- the story of the rose in the snow.  The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe  mentions the miraculous presence of the roses in the middle of winter  and is a sign of the presence of the divinity. The account is a corollary to a Marian apparition, Our Lady of Guadalupe, found in the 1556 booklet Nican Mopohua, and supposedly taking place in 1531.[20] It concerns a native inhabitant of Mexico named Juan Diego, whom the Virgin chooses to convey a message to an unwilling bishop, that “Here I will hear their weeping, their sorrow and will remedy and alleviate all their multiple sufferings, necessities and misfortunes.” The bishop however, does not believe Diego’s story. He returns to his field, where again the Virgin appears to him, with the same message. Diego again goes to the bishop, with the same result, and the remark that he has to bring a token if he is to be believed. The fourth time the Virgin appears, she directs Diego toward “varied Castilian flowers” which he picks; she then places the flowers in his mantle.[21] (The identification of these flowers as Castilian roses or Damask roses, is a later addition.) This time the bishop is convinced, especially when an image of the Virgin miraculously appears on Diego’s cloak. Trust!!!!!!!!

Step four: Have fierce determination and focus , like a badger, for  self care and deep grounding. It may feel like  getting nowhere fast, but by daily meditation,  prayer, stillness and trust,  we are tapping into  Mother Earth and her  Deep Strength to help carry us forward.

From the Animal Medicine book and cards, the message from badger is  “Keep your eye on the goal… honour the healing practice…push ahead in life by grounding and staying centred.”


I loved the words ” sandblasting our hearts!” Spirit wants us to make time for ourselves this month, intending silence, compasssion and clarity as we migrate through this month. Deep Peace to you!

Mmm, deep, soulful work, Lucia Brodie. Thank you for healing the rose that is me. F.B.

It is our quiet time. We do not speak, because the voices are within us. Nancy Wood. Earth Prayers