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winter aura reading special
Winter Aura Reading Special

Just like  cleaning a house, your energetic body can benefit from  clearing out. You may have UNTRUE beliefs of unworthiness, shame or  disappointment stuck in your aura. Why are you lying to your self? An aura reading can illuminate  the chakras with the current vibration of gratitude,  clarity and compassion!! For the month of December, I am very excited to offer a WINTER AURA READING SPECIAL.  During this time of immense change , you will have the opportunity to feel  deeply grounded and peaceful as each of the seven chakras is harmonized, aligned and uplifted to the vibration of truth and love.   I have included the poem from the book Earth Prayers as it is a prayer to the  intransience of life.   This winter healing session is being offered for $55 and lasts approximately a half hour. This can be done in person, on zoom, or sent in a recording to your email. Are you ready for the truth of who you truly are;  beautiful,, cherished and worthy beyond description?

winter aura reading

Listen. Make way for yourself inside yourself. Stop looking in the other way of looking. Rumi

Only in solitude can you discover a sense of your own beauty. John O’Donohue