Lucia Brodie

Illuminating Deep Peace

Lucia Brodie

Honouring the Truth

keeping focus
Staying Focused !!!!!!!!

Spirit is saying remember what is important… keep your focus clear and bright

kuthumi keeping focused



My “affiliation” is with the God of my Heart:

I choose  to remember my intentions and move forward, intending clear direction. 

I choose to release the cardboard cutout version of myself , releasing perfectionism and false expectations.

  I look after my self by moving, meditating and being in community. 

The God of my Heart reminds me daily I am loved deeply and clearly guided. 

Take Heart.

Joyousness accompanies new energy…Light pierces the clouds and touches the waters as something lovely emerges from the depths. The soul is illuminated from within. Book of Runes 

For it is in letting go of the past that you reclaim your power. Book of Runes